Introduction to R

These are the course notes for the “Introduction to R” course given by the Monash Bioinformatics Platform on the 1st of June 2016.

Some of this material is derived from work that is Copyright © Software Carpentry with a CC BY 4.0 license.

R is both a programming language and an interactive environment for statistics. Today we will be concentrating on R as an interactive environment.

We will be using RStudio, a friendly front end to R. On the day, we will be using RStudio from the web, but you can also install R and RStudio on your laptop. Both R and RStudio are free.

Course material

intro-r.pdf - These notes as a pdf. - Zip file containing data we are working with.


Starting out in R (.Rmd)

Working with data in a matrix (.Rmd)

Working with data in a data frame (.Rmd)

For loops (.Rmd)

Extension topics

Plotting with ggplot2 (.Rmd)

Next steps

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